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The Deduction Ability Increase Crouch :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 1 0
My Advice and Tips on Fanfic Writing
So I've had some people asking or encouraging me to share my advice on writing. A lot of this is based on years of experience and trial-and-error as a writer for both fanfics and original stories. I am by no means a perfect writer. Nor do I claim to be high, mighty, famous and that everyone should follow this like the law. I just thought this would be fun for me and (hopefully) beneficial for you. So…here are some of my tips on how to write better fics in the crazy, wonderful world of fanfiction.
-Pull in the reader
Write an engaging summary that’ll hook the reader. Amid the slew of fics being published or updated every day, sometimes by the hour if the fandom’s super popular, a good summary is crucial to attracting readers.
Do NOT say “I suck at writing summaries.” Not only does this waste precious character space, but it only reveals your insecurity as a writer. In my classical rhetoric class last year, my professor always s
:icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 0 1
Coronation and Snow Queen Elsa Sketches :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 65 13 Echo the Helghast Agent :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 19 5 Helghast Trio :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 32 9 Past, Present and Future Visari :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 30 17 Echo with knife :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 22 5 Echo character sheet :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 22 17 Killzone Shadow Fall Echo (WIP and Finished) :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 4 1 Besties? :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 20 13 Killzone Shadow Fall Echo :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 33 10
A Guy's Guide to Handling Your Helghast Girlfriend
These tips could help you have a girlfriend who's happy, loving, and not in the mood to break up with you. Or worse, hack off your balls and keep them as trophies.
1. Praise Visari. Love him more than your girlfriend. Love him more than yourself. If you say anything otherwise, her image of you will be tarnished forever.
2. Never call her a Hig. It might be okay to let it slip when you've got a raging, warmongering Helghast about to kill you. But never say it to your girl. It's the equivalent of calling a black person the n-word. The quickest way to break up with her is by putting "Hig" and "bitch" in one sentence.
3. You know that "theory" your ISA friend has? The one he thinks that Helghast reproduce by getting shot, because they seem to be more every time he kills them? Don't share that with your girlfriend.
4. Don't ask her if she was created in a test tube.
5. You've probably noticed there are lots of "don'ts." Take the hint, because nobody messes with Helghast chicks.
6. Understan
:icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 16 7
Runa (and a bit of Radec) concept art :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 29 25 Lieutenant Runa -2013 updated- :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 12 6 Radec and Runa About to Breach the New Sun :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 25 12 Blackwargreymon Binary :icongabumon-noodles:gabumon-noodles 8 3


Goodra And Pumpkaboo :iconakikokaido:AkikoKaido 3 2 LIKE AN ASIAN :iconyuumei:yuumei 35,167 4,353 killzone shadow fall :iconmaccola:MACCOLA 142 4 Brown Paper Polar Bear Sketch :iconhbruton:Hbruton 304 20 Chibi Colonel Radec :iconhemophobianessticity:hemophobianessticity 24 14
Mature content
cover the rear :iconsardonyxweapon:sardonyxweapon 22 19
Allison :iconakikokaido:AkikoKaido 1 2 Daniel :iconakikokaido:AkikoKaido 2 4 Adventure Time with Finn and Fiona! :iconakikokaido:AkikoKaido 3 2
Power and Weakness: A Killzone 2 fanfic
Power and Weakness
How strange it was, when such calmness could follow the wake of such chaos.
The dust-filled wind blew mercilessly against the buildings, fires, ground and still-standing life forms, discarding any care for what its hapless victims were. The howls accompanying the harsh gust were faint, but there all the same.
Dim lights flickered weakly behind the clouds of foggy air as the tall man strode towards the still devastation, two similarly dressed soldiers parting their distance to allow him to pass. His hand were placed behind his back, clothes heavily armoured yet bore a deadly sophistication to them. Unlike the now still masses below, neither the looming figure nor the soldiers on either side of him were fazed by the harsh, unfeeling wind. In fact, they had more in common than anything else.
"Colonel Radec, Report." A respect-demanding voice rang from the communicator on the man's arm, slightly distorted by the
:iconwhat-if-writer:What-if-Writer 4 1
Darksiders_Strife_Color :iconartofdpi:ArtofDPI 296 48 A Little Bit Of Romance :iconhechicerarip:HechiceraRip 697 154 Deadman Wonderland: Makina 38 :iconromaniablack:RomaniaBlack 179 27 Claymore - Galatea :iconar-ua:AR-UA 335 54 ''D'ju hear that?' :iconmistressbreeder:MistressBreeder 409 87


The Deduction Ability Increase Crouch
BB being weird (what's new?), though he finally succeeds in chucking Naomi's dignity out the window.

Based on a scene in the light novel Death Note: Another Note (Los Angeles BB Murder Cases), when BB convinces Naomi Misora to crouch on her seat so she could think better. This is as far as she'll go, because she refuses to join him in crawling around on all fours.

I'll be doodling more LABB moments, so stay tuned.


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Thuy Anh Thai
United States
What I (roughly) look like, lol.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, alternative, foreign
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Favourite cartoon character: Riza Hawkeye and Meta Knight
Personal Quote: David Bowie can defeat Sauron, Voldemort, Darth Vader and Colonel Radec combined! (Not really) :D


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Neoconvoy Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student General Artist
Happy birthday!

God bless you!
MindtellerWYK Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there,

love your killzone story and fan art

I've added a character ,Runa Radec from "The Radec Renegade" to my killzone fic, Warwolf.

Take a read of it when you get chance.

Happy B-day 2 U
Neoconvoy Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy birthday!

God bless you!
CantStoptheRobot Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
What is it that attracts you to Killzone? For me, it's the industrial design and campy, yet somewhat sympathetic villains.
gabumon-noodles Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Considering the fact I'm terrible at playing FPS games, what pulled me in was both story and artistic design. I love the way the Helghast look, and the universe is very intriguing. It's too bad that the games don't seem to exploit that to its fullest potential.
CantStoptheRobot Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yes. That's what I figured.

Haha, well you can still suck at FPS and have fun if you play with the right people. :)

They REALLY need to make a game where you play as either the Helghast or some star-empire very much like the Helghast.
AkikoKaido Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
YAAAAY! Thanks for the fav!
gabumon-noodles Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Haha no prob! Good to see you're still putting stuff up. :D
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Clicked on random deviant, just passing through. Hope you're having a good day :)
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Thank you for the fav. ^-^
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